Acrylic Render

Eddie Rendering Group offers a wide range of services and solutions whilst focusing on delivering the most up to date coating systems rendering techniques. With almost 10 years of detailed industry experience we proudly offer transformative and high-quality acrylic render solutions that help protect homes and businesses from the damaging effects of the wind, rain, and sun.

Fully-qualified and highly-trained, our passionate and professional rendering team can evenly and directly apply superior acrylic coats to external walls with ease and efficiency. Highly flexible and offering increased resilience, acrylic rendering can withstand greater stresses than standard coatings, leaving our customers with rendering that has a higher resistance to cracking under pressure.

At Eddie Rendering we have made it our mission to deliver a complete rendering experience that meets the unique needs and desires of our customers living and working across Melbourne. To guarantee our renowned level of quality our rendering applications are overseen by the same qualified team for an even and spotless finish. We apply render and acrylic coatings to a number of different substrates:

  • Polystyrene (Foam)
  • Brick walls: traditional, painted, and bagged
  • Fibre Cement (Blueboard)
  • AAC panels
  • Quick ‘n’ Tuff
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Panels

We offer a number of different finishes including:

  • Acrylic enhanced sand or Polymer modified cement based render (Ready for paint)
  • Trowel on sand finishes
  • Trowel on texture finishes
  • Trowel on scratch finishes (Different types)
  • Concrete look finish
  • Clear coatings
  • Membrane coatings

All substrates have a different coating system as the technical requirements of the substrate to ensure longevity and overall customer satisfaction. Learn more about the outstanding benefits of having your acrylic rendering completed by Eddie Rendering by calling us directly on 0403 416 768.