LIGHT WEIGHT CLADDING SYSTEMS – Start to finish solutions

Eddie Rendering Group provide cost effective light weight Cladding systems. Primarily focusing on offering a personalised service to those people looking for a true start to finish solution to their light weight walling needs.

All tasks on site are carried out by the same team of qualified trades people, from the installation of the sarking through to the completed wall.

It is with an intimate knowledge of light weight walling systems thet we pride ourselves on offering the following range of services and solutions:

  • Expanded Polystyrer Solutions
  • High Density Extruded Polystyrene
  • Fibre cement sheeting (Blue board)
  • AAC cladding Systems
  • QT Cladding Systems
  • Shadowclad™ plywood panels
  • Caulking to all openings


Range includes:

  • EasyLap panel
  • HardieFlex sheet
  • HardiePlank weatherboard
  • HardieTEx system
  • PanelClad sheet
  • PrimeLine weatherboard
  • Scyon Axon cladding
  • Scyon Linea weatherboard
  • Scyon Matrix cladding
  • Scyon Stria Cladding
About Us

Eddie Rendering is a family business that has gained a reputation for providing customers with the highest standards of service, efficiency and professional advice, in all areas of render, acrylic coatings and light weight cladding systems, focusing heavily on customer satisfaction and a professionalized service.